My Inspirations – The 4 P’s

Are you running low on inspiration and need a new way to look at things? Or perhaps you just want to know what sparks my interest? Either way, in this blog I go through the four things that can give me inspiration for a fashion shoot!


I’m sure it’s no surprise that other photographer’s work will inspire my own. I will usually go straight to their website or follow them on Instagram to get my daily dose of inspiration. A few of my favourites to look at are:

Bonnie Hanson

Henryk Lobaczewski

Jessica Kobeissi

Lara Jade

Jenn Collins


Again, scrolling through Instagram will inspire me as I look for models to work with that have a unique look, and mua’s & stylists that have a fresh take on things. If someone has inspired me, I will usually base an entire shoot on them and their unique offering.


I will often location scout (intentionally and non) for fashion shoots. I find inspiration in anything, from a corner or a fence with flowers. More often than not, I will base an entire shoot on the location. These turn out to be my favourite photoshoots!


This is a big one for me. I’m a visual person and I love that Pinterest is tailored to your taste. Pin something –> see other photos like it showing up in your feed! You can’t go wrong. I use it like a search engine and get as specific as possible!!

Hoping this got your creative juices flowing!

Simona x


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